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Why Supporting Your Chapter is Important
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By Michael Mandel

So the recent news that the AMTA National Organization was no longer going to require LMP’s to fund a chapter fee at renewal or first time start up (renew/join) is a bit irresponsible.  But after doing some research and reading what’s what, I find that leaving the AMTA is irresponsible.  Look how far we have come over the 10 years that I have been in practice. Take my money out of the LMP run organization is irresponsible.


Irresponsibility is defined as someone who’s not responsible.  AMTA National and Local Chapters have taken responsibility for so many changes in laws, Obama Care and educating the general public.  Is that worth the $239.00 for a professional membership?  When you compare all the other professional memberships, we are getting a lot for our money.  Think about all the discounts on products, office supplies, Malpractice and much more.  Being responsible is making sure your money goes to a LMP run organization and not a Corporation that’s worried about the bottom line and paying high salaries to the executives.


Many LMPs help people heal from within and that’s what we have to do as members of the AMTA.  Responsibility lies with us as a basic human being as well as a LMP.  Be responsible; put your money into our organization run by LMPs.  If you don’t like something, then get a hold of your chapter or national office and speak your mind.  Our local chapters are very active and I can only speak from the WA Chapter.


All organizations are setup the same.  You have a Board of Directors, Executive Staff and paid staff that answer the phones and carry out the decisions of the Board of Directors.  The board of directors and the executive staff are elected.  All have to be from a Local Chapter chair before becoming a national seat holder.  The chair holders can’t campaign.  I as professional member of the organization can.  That’s what happened here in WA State during the last election.  People stood up after our State’s Annual Meeting and said WE NEED CHANGE.  So the voting and the vetting of the candidates on the National Level started. 


I was so impressed with the LMPs that left our local annual chapter meeting.  They came out of that meeting wanting change not only on the local level but the National level.  Our profession and livelihood is being threatened.  Our members of the AMTA have been sleeping at the wheel.  When the Affordable Care Act came to light and we were fighting to be on the bill and keep the “privilege” to bill insurance companies here in WA State.  WA STATE and others stood up and put together information to keep us on the bill.  Our AMTA organization banned together in a rather short period of time and put together a really nice package of research to prove that Massage was worthy of healthcare industry.

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