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AMTA-WA Chapter Award Recipients
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#Service to the Profession Award Recipients

History/Purpose:The award for Service to the Massage Profession is to acknowledge an individual within the Washington Chapter that has made a significant contribution to the advancement of the massage therapy profession.


Service to the Chapter Award Recipients

History/Purpose:The award for Service to the Chapter is to acknowledge a Washington Chapter Board or Committee member that has made a significant contribution to AMTA-WA.

Chapter Meritorious Award Recipients

History/Purpose: Award established in 1969 and has been given annually since that time to honor an AMTA member and acknowledge diligent volunteerism done in an altruistic manner.  Nominees must be active member in AMTA for at least one (1) year.  Only one (1) nominee from each Chapter can be a recipient.  Recipient can be posthumous; however, will not be eligible to receive National Meritorious Award.

Cal Anderson Legislative Award Recipients

History/Purpose: This award, created by the AMTA-WA in 1994, honors those in the legislative or political community who have worked to advance the profession of massage therapy.

Chapter President's Award Recipients

Service to the WSMT Award Award Recipients

History/Purpose: This award provides a scholarship of four (4) seminars from the Paul St. John Neuromuscular Therapy 1-5 series. Marianne Gerst was the newly elected director for WSMT in late 1990. Sadly, she drowned while swimming off the coast of Florida at the 1991  AMTA National Convention. She was an energetic, enthusiastic team member who exemplified team spirit. This award, provided by Paul St. John honoring Marianne and her love for life will be awarded to an active member who has gone above and beyond expectations for the benefit of the Team.

MERT-WA Award Recipients

History/Purpose: This award is to acknowledge an active MERT-WA member who has made a significant contribution to the MERT-WA team in the area of volunteerism, leadership, and professionalism, and who shows enthusiasm for promoting the program within the community.


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Award Recipients

#Service to the Profession Award Recipients

2012    David Campbell

2011    Lavon "Butch" Watson

2010    Patty Kruschke

2009    Julie Bacon

2008    Jane Sereda

2007    Ann Brittain & Dick Butt

2006    Cheryl Hockett-Prelle

2005    Ann Brittain

2004    Patty Phillips

2003    Taya Countryman

2002    Lori Bielinski

2001    Carol Ladas-Gaskin

2000    Heida Brenneke class

1999    Susan Rosen class

1998    Maxine Bailey class

1997    Patty Krushke class

1996    Diana Thompson class

1995    Cary Cruea class

1994    Lori Bielinski class


1992    Mireille Dovat


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#Service to the Chapter Award Recipients

2012    Linda Butcher

2011    Susan Cook

2010    Steve Wooding

2009    Scott Lesieur

2008    Amy Thomason

2007    Charlene Conrad

2006    Taya Countryman

2005    Barbara Grigsby

2004    Ann Brittain

2003    Jenean Thompson

2002    Gay Koopman

2001    Mark Tilley

2000    Kathleen Appleyard

1999    Patty Phillips

1997    Carl Wilson

1997    Ann Brittain

1995    Carol Bir

1995    Lori Bielinski

1994    Teresa Tellesbo


1992    Lee Nuszbaum


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#Chapter Meritorious Award Recipients

2012    David Phillips


2010    Taya Countryman

2009    Patty Phillips

2008    Ashley Benem

2007    Tianne Carrigan

2006    Diana Thompson

2005    Lori Bielinski

2004    Ann Brittain

2003    Teresa Scharff

2002    Sylvia Burns

2001    William Prelle

2000    Barbara Grigsby

1999    Kathleen Appleyard

1998    Bob Andersen

1997    Carl Wilson



1994    Lori Bielinski also National

1992    Teresa Tellesbo

1992    Gloria Layton

1991    Lee Nuszbaum

1986    Aliesha Alexandar

1981    May Boyd

1979    Cozette Little

1977    Michael Maher

1976    John Salo

1975    Arthur Dunbar

1972    Pearl Hope

1971    Ruth Williams (received National Award)

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#Cal Anderson Legislative Award Recipients

2011    Gail McGaffick

2010    Melanie Stewart

2009    David Knudson

2008    Rep. Brendan Williams

2007    Rep. Tom Campbell

2006    Rep. Richard Curtis

2005    Rep. Frank Chopp 

2004    Eileen Cody

2003    Jon Meier & Richard Spoonemore

2002    Shelly Badger

2001    Tom Campbell

2000    Lorraine Wojahn

1999    Lori Bielinski

1998    Melanie Stewart

1997    Richard Adler

1996    Deborah Senn

1992    Cal Anderson

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#Chapter President's Award Recipients

2012    Susan Rosen

2011    John Beick

2010    Teri Green


2008    Richard Adler

2007    Ann Brittain & Leslie Gallaher

2006    David Matteson

2005    Delaney Farmer

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#Service to the WSMT Award Recipients

2010    Patty Phillips

2009    Randy Furukawa


2007    Nathan Steck

2006    Anna Marie Pizzariello

2005    Renell Clark


2003    Holland McIver

2002    Tom Benson

2001    Lael Duff

2000    Mary Lou Nelson

1999    Jane Sereda

1998    Sylvia Burns

1997    Fran Donohue

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#MERT-WA Award Recipients

2012    Kara Johnson

2010    David Phillips

2007    Nathan Steck

2006    Ashley Pulse-Sanborn

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