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One of the main reasons massage practitioners look to us is for liability insurance is for protection while practicing massage.  


Above and beyond our premier professional and general liability insurance, members of AMTA-WA will also receive legal assistance (more info below) from our legal team that can help with such issues you may be faced with as a health care provider and a small business owner.


While liability insurance is an essential benefit for members, AMTA-WA is also about community and support for massage practitioners.  We also offer other benefits such as the Government Affairs and External Affairs Committee which helps to protect our right to practice massage and bill insurance in Washington state.


We are much more than just insurance! Our local MAIN groups provide support and free/low cost CE opportunities as well as a sense of community.  


Our AMTA-WA members have access to the many other programs and local groups through this website to support you in every step in your path to success. 


#AMTA Insurance Coverage

Professional Liability: $2,000,000 each claim / $6,000,000 aggregate


This covers you if you injure a client while performing within your scope of training as a massage therapist, which means if you injure someone while doing intra-oral work and have not been certified in intra-oral work which is required in WA, you could void your coverage.


$2 million per claim is the maximum that will be covered and $6 million is the maximum the policy with pay out.

Included in the Professional Liability Limits:

General Liability: This covers what happens to someone while on the premises of the work place, a slip and fall, or a table collapse.
Products Liability: Covers the products used while doing massage work such as oils, lotions, and scents.
Host Liquor Liability: If you have a meet and greet for the physicians and chiropractors near you and have wine and cheese available, if you don’t charge for the alcohol and someone gets in an accident after leaving, you are covered if they sue.
Personal Injury Liability:  If privileged information about your client is released or shared with unauthorized people and causes them damage, this includes violating HIPAA .
Good Samaritan Liability: When providing aid to accident victims, if you do not exceed your trained abilities, like first aid, you will be covered.
Malplacement Liability:  If you are in charge of a massage therapist and place them with a client that they harm, you could be charge with malplacement.
Fire & Water Legal Liability: This covers damage to space other than yours.  If your candle catches the building on fire, or your hydroculator leaks and ruins the ceiling in a unit below you. (This is subject to a $100,000 sub limit.)

Coverage Extensions (limits listed after explanations)

License Protection:  If your license comes under revue by the DOH for a complaint, this would be used for your defense.   $10,000 per proceeding / $25,000 aggregate
Defendant Defense Benefit:  Money that covers expenses associated with appearing at hearings or court in one's defense.Can include hotel, mileage, lost wages. $10,000 aggregate
Deposition Representation:  Funds used to hire couching to prepare you to give a deposition or appear in court. $2,500 per deposition / $5,000 aggregate
Assault:  If a someone becomes violent and damages or destroys the therapist’s equipment, not the therapist.  $10,000 per incident / $25,000 aggregate
Medical Payments:  If someone gets injured at your place of business and don’t feel it is necessary to sue, and would like to get medical paid for this goes toward that. $2,000 per person / $100,000 aggregate
First Aid: If you stop to give aid at an accident and use your first aid supplies, your policy will cover the cost to replace the used supplies.  $2,500 aggregate
Damage to Property of Others:  If a client were to drop their iPhone and you were to step on it, this would cover the cost to repair or replace.  $10,000 aggregate

#Legal Assistance - Peick Law Group

Do you have questions about insurance contracts, insurance billing, employer/employee issues, business structures or any other legal or insurance issues? There is a place for you to go for answers. AMTA-WA has contracted with Peick Law Group P.S. to provide member access to get your professional, legal and business questions answered.  Sign in for more information!

Forming a Corporation

We get many questions about how to form a corporation for a health care entity. John Peick has written an article on what you need to know.  Sign in for more information.



"Thank you for pursuing this (issue) on our behalf. I'm so proud to be a member of the AMTA for almost 19 years and all the organization does on my behalf" - Kris Stapleton

"Thank you for your help in this matter. Goes to show you how important having the AMTA behind you makes all the difference in the world" - Christina Sangster

"I wanted to inform you of the excellent and courteous legal assistance from John Peick and his staff. I am very grateful for the expert legal knowledge on insurance law and also pleased that AMTA-WA has this benefit available to its members."-James W. Rasey 


Collision Course :  Blog by John Peick , AMTA WA Attorney, discussing the intersection of providers, attorneys and personal injury victims.

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