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Thank you from the President

Friday, October 12, 2018   (0 Comments)
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I am so proud of our volunteers for pulling off a huge successful event in Ocean Shores, September 14 – 16. The weather cooperated for the most part. Classes were fun and entertaining. WAMAH had a scavenger hunt and AMTA-WA had a Dinner / Fantasy Casino night benefiting Massage Therapy Foundation, raising around $8,000. Our Photographer took over two thousand pictures.

Our keynote speaker was Linda Cohen (http://lindacohenconsulting.com/), speaking on acts of kindness which was part of our theme of “Paying it Forward”. She gave a great 45 minute talk on acts of kindness and mindfulness.


A special thank you to Luata Bray for her blessing of the weekend.  I was proud to be standing behind her during the ceremony. It was priceless to take a moment to listen to such a wonderful and wisdom filled massage therapist and healer.


When a Medicine person is giving a blessing it is traditional to have strong energy people to stand behind you. That's why she asked Dawn Schmidt, Diana Thompson and myself to stand behind her which helps the energy to stream out to our people.


I’m looking forward to the planning process of Yakima for September 14 – 15, 2019. The bar has been set and with all the new volunteers helping, I’m sure we can out do ourselves in Yakima.


Yours in Health,

Michael J Mandell, LMT
AMTA-WA President

Lauat’s Blessing Below. Click here to watch the video.

This first blessing was given to me when I was ordained as a medicine person who would specialize in Another Child’s Journey, by my Grandmother and some other elder relatives and other tribal medicine people back in 1960 near Crater Lake, Oregon.

I gave this blessing and words to the participants of the Highlighting Massage Therapy in CAM Research Conference in Albuquerque, NM on September 22-27, 2005
And I today will share it with you and I also have written another blessing for you all here today.

This new moon awakens a new breath and a new beginning and a new day, a new time.

You hold the simple and purest gift of healing, from your touch.

Comes from your heart, to the sun, from those who walked this earth before you, to the sky, and from your hands the great one, the great mystery, from your mother, in her womb and on the outside from your mother, this earth.


We, your elders, offer you the chance to know new promise to touch the faithful, to wipe the tears from the faces of the lost and the weary and the hurting. To offer kindness to all who walk upon the earth. Human beings and all creatures of this earth.

You will know Another Child’s Journey, you will gather all you need, to learn a new way and you will offer it to another.

For we are all just another child on a journey. From courage and from the heart fire within you, you will come together with many other children to preserve and fulfill the promise whispered to each of us from our first breath at the time of our birth, we are not alone and forgotten.

You are a healer this day and your walk will not be without stones.


And now this Blessing is for you A.M.T.A. – WA members: Sept. 13 to 16, 2018

YOU who have stepped forward and followed the gift within you and heard your own inner calling to offer your touch and to assist in the diminishing of our fellow Humans in pain and suffering and discomfort and anxiety from living in this world… I offer a blessing to you here on this day!

May your journey be filled with Self Caring, Continued learning and sharing… And please may you always remember ONE MUST RECEIVE, IN ORDER TO GIVE.

May you keep your inner fire burning and your light shining no matter what may occur in this society? OH GREAT CREATOR of us all, We the Resilient shall continue our work and continue to share the most Ancient Human Medicine to all in our communities. A special blessing to you all as you walk amongst your people for your touch is sacred and a necessary gift for you to continue to MASTER. May your journey be smooth and filled with good Health and Fortune and may you continue your learning, sharing and understanding. Listening to your Elders as we share our past journey with you and share with you the ways to follow safety and protection of those who knock upon your door and request your assistance to help them decrease their pain, discomfort and suffering.

Your journey will be filled with changing paths and learning to unite with your fellow Therapists will cause the stones in our path to disappear. Acknowledge your self-respect by “paying it forward”. Follow the strong ethics of the pure light which is designed for the safety of yourself and those who seek your assistance.


Luata Bray
AMTA – WA Conference 9/13 to 9/16 in Ocean Shores, Washington

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