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Why Are My Certificates Expiring?

Wednesday, March 28, 2018  
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Have you been receiving notices from American Massage Therapy Assn. WA Chapter that say a certification is going to expire?

You’re not alone. While this is not a scam, it IS confusing. Fear not, you do not need to take any action. But it might be a good time to download any of your WA Chapter related continuing education credits. For instructions on how to do it, see below.

Why is this happening?

We as licensed massage therapists are required to keep program certificates and training documentation for 4 years (WAC 246-12-200). However, 60% of massage therapists audited for continuing education by the Department of Health fail to prove they have taken the required courses. When you attend WA Chapter sponsored training such as Annual Meeting, rather than give you a paper certificate, your CE certificate is stored online in the “Professional Development” section of your profile at amta-wa.org. You can then access it whenever you like, and print it off for your records. Since we are only required to keep records for 4 years, the certificates were set to “expire” after four years. Therefore, certificates for attending the 2014 WA Chapter Annual Meeting expired March 25, 2018. It made sense at the time, but the WA Chapter Board has since realized that this expiration reminder is creating confusion, so more recent certificates have no expiration date.
Note, attendance at the state education conferences is not recorded online, you must keep the stamped cardstock certificate given to you during the conference.

So what do I need to do?


If you would like to print off paper versions of your CE Certificate for attending past Annual Meetings, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your account at www.amta-wa.org
  2. Go to Manage Profile
  3. Select Professional Development (Scroll down to the Content & Features section)
  4. Click on the “Certifications/Programs” tab next to “Journal Entries”
  5. Click on the certificate icon next to the Course name you would like to print.

For more help with your online certificates, check out the website’s help page on the Professional Development section.


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